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Anti-theft, are you ready? --Introduce some electronic locks

Remote control electronic lock

The main remote control electronic locks on the market are optical remote control and radio-controlled remote control two types. Optical remote control is divided into visible light remote control and infrared remote control; optical remote control uses the optical of narrow-angle to transmit password, the advantage is the amount of transmit’s information can be very, very fast, can not be identified by the eyes, and it also can not be attempt to copy signal to an the capture equipment in the light path (between the operator and the main body of Electronic lock), so it’s highly confidential. Radio-controlled electronic lock’s advantage is the amount of transmit information also great, fast, can’t be identified by eyes, but the signals was easy to catch by some equipments, so appropriate for the use of "changing codes," such as the so-called "jumping code" "get code", so even if capture the signals, but has no use or reproduce value. Use remote electronic locks, require be careful of the remote control (key), but also for certain applications, this is a big key, is likely to use a particular cell too. 

Electronic key code lock

Judging from the current technological level and degree of market acceptance, is the most widely used electronic key code lock, mainly used in safe and vault, safe deposit box. Electronic password input your keyboard, easy to grasp, the extrusive advantages of "password" is the numbers or characters have recorded in the head by authorized persons, both accurate and reliable, will not be lost (in addition to forget), not be stolen. "Keyboard chaotic sequence shows" technology allows the characters each show is not fixed of the fixed keyboard, and the narrow point of view can only be seen by the operator positive. "Multiple passwords" technology enables single password may not necessarily effective, it suitable for the use over separation of powers, need to enter more than two groups password or were not recognized, thereby greatly increasing the confidentiality. In the process of enter the code, in order to limit the attempts to test the password, it usually entered the wrong number or code within a certain period is not correct, then it will "blockade" keyboard, no longer accept input operation. In short, despite an endless stream for new electronic anti-theft locks, but the electronic key code lock is still full of vitality, not only living in the mainstream market, and usually it also work as auxiliary input means for other types of electronic anti-theft lock too. 

Card electronic lock

The electronic lock uses all kinds of card as a key is currently the most active products. It can be divided into contactless cards and contact cards. Because of the security industry requirements, usually have to use the magnetic cards which poor reliability, easy to copy. Contactless cards are hidden, convenient. Storage cards could store up large amount of information, it not only as keys, but also included a number of personal information, especially fit for the financial industry, and it also multi-purpose cards (such as entry, lock, storage, Paid, etc.) brings the convenience of the cardholder. Using such electronic locks, require be careful of cards (that are keys), in particular need to abolish the card authorization as soon as possible when the card lost.

Biometric lock

Some of the innate personality characteristics (such as the hands, eyes, voices) almost can not be repeated, as a "key" is the only (unless it was forced or injury), therefore, use of biological characteristics as the password for electronic lock, particularly fit for the financial industry too. As a result of the obvious advantages of this "self-since " "key", this lock spend less stable performance, high cost initial period soon, becoming more practical, more" characteristic," are generally welcomed. Today, the rapid development of biometric technology, in addition to limit by price and size, biological characteristics electronic anti-theft lock’s prospects in the financial industry was generally optimistic. However, in the cases of high confidentiality demand, it should not be used biometric electronic locks alone, is the best combine other electronic information as a password. As the number, characters, graphic images, biometric and time can become a electronic information of key, the combination of these information can make these electronic anti-theft lock get a high confidentiality, such as the heavy prevent treasury, requires to use the electronic locks with complex information password. Combine information and use it well can be also make electronic lock expand infinite, product diversification, and the users have more choices.

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