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Some tips for swimming in the sea

What you do in hot summer would make you happiest? Of course, it is playing to the seaside or in the swimming pool, just swimming like a fish. Oh, you do not swim! That is too unfortunately! However, it’s okay, swim rings, even if you do not swim in the beach or not so good, bring a swim ring, you can also enjoy yourself in the seaside. A swim ring (also known as an inflatable lifebelt or swim tube) is a toroid-shaped (hence the name "ring") inflatable water toy. The swim ring was derived from the inner tube, the inner, enclosed, inflatable part of older vehicle tires. The inner tube, when inflated, was used as a water toy, and as a floating object to lounge on. It is undeniable that swim in the rivers or in the sea are more than happy swim in the swim pool, but also more dangerous. In addition to bring your swim ring, there are some problems need to attend; such tips will let you swim more beautiful.  First of all, when to the sea, wear in the swimming costume then do some simple physical activity, that is a warm-up exercise, drank some water and eat something, and then soak the body in shallow water so that the appropriate body temperature. Don’t climb rocks, so as not to scratch by the oysters, come ashore to prevent exposure, you need to use fresh water rinse to protect your skin after swimming. If you can’t swim very well, should not swim too far the offshore. There are different from sea between swimming pools, the sea have flood tide and ebb tide, once the high tide, and you distance away from the coast, extremely dangerous, every year, many tourists died from this reason. Swimming in deep-sea areas, whether you can swim or not, you’d the best swim with several people, and at least one person with a swim ring. Do not play in the water too much to prevent choking water, if there are something was taken away by the water, do not continue to recover if you could not, take care for the undercurrent. Natural river, lake, are the good places to swim, but these waters are complex, often have hidden reefs, water plants, sludge and the undercurrent, very accident-prone. Therefore, before in the water we must do a good investigation and study for the local, familiar surroundings, away from the water plants, rocks, mud and undercurrent as much as possible. If the water into the ears, please do not dig ears by hand, so as not to break the ear canal and cause infection. The correct approach is twofold: 1, tend head to the side of the ear within water, and then use the same side foot as one leg support, single-foot jump several times, the water will be drained out. 2, with cotton stick absorb the water in the ear and slowly, but to be very careful not to break eardrums. Please sun in the seaside not too much time, it will sunburn, and it's easy for skin cancer. Please keep the sea and beaches clean, pay attention to public morality. When the accident occurred, don’t panic, we must calmly and find ways to get away. If you were caught in water plants when swimming, calmly make a deep breath, and make efforts to keep body’s balance and then slowly release from the float grass.

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