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How Much Do You Know About Anti-Riot Equipments

We would see the police man crack down on rioters in a riot sometimes on TV or newspapers. It’s dangerous, so, they have some equipment, anti-equipment.  Anti-Riot Equipments include tear gas, Electroshock weapon, bullet proof shields, gauntlets, arm protector, shoulder and body protector, thigh protector, leg protector and so on. Then it can supply the all body protector to protective the police man and crack down on rioters in a riot, now, let’s recognizing something about anti-riot. Tear gas A tear gas is a chemical compound that stimulates the corneal nerves in the eyes to cause tears, pain, mild respiratory convulsion, an increase in blood pressure and pulse, as well as the irritation of mucous membranes. Several commonly used chemicals are lachrymators; for example, bromoacetone, benzylchloride, thiophene, xylyl bromide, chlorine, and bromine. Effects Tear gas works by irritating mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs, and cause tearing, sneezing, coughing, etc. Lachrymators are thought to exert their action through the inhibition of sulphydryl enzymes but this is not completely understood. Certain tear gases are often used by police to assist in bringing offenders under control. Bullet proof shields An attractive, wall-mounted bullet-proof shield, designed to stop the penetration of a bullet when accidentally discharged from a firearm. Bullet-proof shield comprises a back layer made of metallic material, a middle layer made of wood, and a front layer made of plastic, all housed within an outer frame. The middle layer is designed to partially absorb the energy of a discharged bullet while the back layer is metallic and designed to stop the penetration of a bullet. The front layer is made of an anti-shattering material designed not to shatter and to prevent wood and metallic particles from rebounding outward toward the user. In one embodiment, the front layer is transparent and an optional aiming sheet is disposed between the outside surface of the wood layer and the inside surface if the front layer. The aiming sheet has targeting indicia printed thereon which reminds the user where to aim the gun towards the center of the shield when cleaning the firearm or loading or unloading bullets.  Electroshock weapon An electroshock weapon is an incapacitate weapon used for subduing a person by administering electric shock aimed at disrupting superficial muscle functions. One type is a conductive energy device (CED), an electroshock gun popularly known by the brand name "Taser", which fires projectiles that administer the shock through a thin, flexible wire. Other electroshock weapons such as stun gun, stun batons, and electroshock belts administer an electric shock by direct contact. Principles of operation Electroshock weapon technology uses a temporary high-voltage low-current electrical discharge to override the body's muscle-triggering mechanisms. The recipient is immobilized via two metal probes connected via metal wires to the electroshock device. The recipient feels pain, and can be momentarily paralyzed while an electric current is being applied. The Maximum Effective Areas for stun gun usage are upper shoulder, below the rib cage, and the upper hip. The relatively low electric current must be pushed by high voltage to overcome the electrical resistance of the human body. The resulting 'shock' is caused by muscles twitching uncontrollably, appearing as muscle spasms. The higher the voltage, the more adverse it is.  Leg or arm protector The protective leg or arm protector is manufactured from a sheet of material that is cut or sewn into a blank having the shape to protect the portion of the leg or arm desired. The leg and arm protector features: (1) elastic webbing straps for versatility and hook and loop fasteners for closure; (2) a single strip of loop fastener placed down the middle of the inside of the leg and arm protector so that knee pads, shin guards, thigh pads, and/or arm guards can be secured by placing hook fasteners on one side of the pads and guards, also making them fully adjustable when placed along the inside strip of loop fastener; (3) a horizontal patch of hook fastener placed at the lower elevation on the inside of the leg and arm protector creating the ability for height adjustment to be made by securing to the strip of loop fastener placed along the middle of the inside of the leg and arm protector; (4) a pocket is formed by adding another sheet of material to the inside or outside surface of the leg and arm protector; this pocket can be used to insert pads, guards and other accessories for protection when placed on the inside of the leg and arm protector and as a carrying aid when placed on the outside of the leg and arm protector Body protector The body protector comprises a semi-rigid chest plate portion, a suspender portion and left and right shoulder portions said portions adapted to conformably embrace the corresponding parts of a wearer. According to the invention an adjusting device connects said suspender portion and said chest plate portion together so that they are adjustable in a mainly vertical manner with respect to each other.

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