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Military uniforms have always the darling of the fashion world, but in recent years, different from the past, military uniforms become gentle reserved a lot, less rigidity black high military boots and blatantly army officers’ cap. All kinds of nostalgic flavor, the old mill flu, and retro fashion taste, "military uniform" come back. A few quarters’ military uniforms fashion evolutes to this season, faded a clear and obvious profile, become ambiguous. The tall and straight collar, decorated shoulder badges, double row button, and a wide fashion belt, as the military uniform elements remain in design, it is just a blurring of the tough military uniforms look into the delicate mix of bead chain, gentle sequin, simple scarf vest, inscribed some spirit likeness uniformed mark. Military uniformed popular in the 20th century was the aftermath that frequent of the war, was play fashion advocating the power and strength. The ordinary people in military uniform as casual wear, dating back to after the World War II, there were a large number of surplus military supplies there: coat, camouflage pants, military backpack and military boots, the post-war poverty make these materials become a popular, became the young people’ necessary goods for flaunt their Hero worship psychological. In fact, military uniforms fashion truly become clear and important was in 1980s. Designers had shown their imagination through the military uniform color, pattern and fabric. Designer Michael Kors gave this explanation of the outbreak in uniform fashion: military uniforms and luxury dress is a strong contrast, is this contrast, stimulated the upper classes of society agree that the trend of the uniform. Now, military uniforms elements provide the pretty girls a wide variety of choice, in fact, sweet ladies in this year can boldly try to army look. Four Army Regulations 1. Tones –light color above and deep below The prevalence military uniforms are generally have some color such as camouflage uniforms, olive green, army green, bronze, and so on. And if you all wear these colors, that is too rigidity, wearing light beige color in upper, the lower body with the military green, it will make people feel more lively. 2. Accessories - highlights a feminine When in military uniforms, do not wear a rough style ornaments, especially the spread silverware has not only not beauty, anti-marked cheesy. The fashion-drilling bracelets, the atmosphere sunglasses, exquisite metal necklace, are the best choice sexy in military uniform. To have shoes details, sandals with fashion-drilling, cusp shoes, feminine able, and in contrast to the serious of military uniforms, more flavor. 3. Makeup - must elegant and light Do not make strong or too feminine look, neutral eggplant purple, blue grass can try, linear sense’s cosmetics is the best option. Some camouflage lines, it is very Q. 4. Highlights – improve embellishment of details Although not show too much style, but also makes people feel you are armed feminine play, so in the dignity of the military uniform style, add a small number of carefully designed, immediately add an entry point to the "neutral" or rigid girl's aesthetic image. What are you waiting for? In your fashion military uniform immediately, and show your fashion. 

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