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Away from the fire damage

The need to counter the use of fire The fire is the killer of enterprises, in the past we would store valuables in the secret place to prevent theft, but a fire will be burnt them to ashes. Now the fire caused by the loss of property, often is not the most important, but for all types of Office location, such as government agencies, financial institutions, enterprises, and even military units, and scientific research units, will probably never be able to make up for. According to UN statistics, around the world each year caused by fires the direct property losses, more than 3,000 Billion dollars. Other statistics show that the companies that has encountered fire in the world, regardless of their experience the size of the fire, 67% can not be resumed operation before the fire within six months, about 32 percent disappeared from the competition market, only less than 1 percent of the enterprises in the face of fire, will return to normal operation within one month, and these enterprises are almost large enterprises in advanced countries. The above statistics show that the two things: the fire caused by damage to property, is not only the direct property losses, indirect losses far exceeding the destruction property for hundreds of times, so that enterprises may even be life end there. Advanced countries’ enterprises, a better sense of crisis management, are also willing to equip with some hardware and management through the proper means for the preservation of documents, which enable enterprises can restore vitality quickly after encountered unexpected events. Therefore: "fire" concept can be understood as: "Fire" should not only talk about in advance of "prevention" and the time of the incident "to fight the blaze", after the "resilience" is the biggest key to reducing losses. We are "property" concept can be understood as: "Information" is really most important asset for individuals, units, enterprises, and even the country, society, its importance far exceeds that of cash, jeweler and other valuables. So, we should give priority to fire safes application in the enterprise, whether it is documents, disks, financial supplies and other properties which take an important role in the companies can be considered to counter fire with fire safe. The types of fire safe According to the fire safe inside maintain the temperature limits for a certain period time (normally one hour), can be divided into: 1. Paper fire document safes: International standards require that at a scene of 1,000 degrees Celsius fire, the warmth of safe inside would remain below 180 degrees Celsius for at least one hour so that the paper did not be carbonation, font can still identify clearly. 2. Disk-fire document safes: International standards require that at a scene of 1,000 degrees Celsius fire, the warmth of safe inside would maintain the temperature of 52 degrees Celsius and above, at least one hour so that preserve the disk is not damaged, and preserve the integrity of information and can read it immediately. Currently a large number of " document fire safe" be used in the world refers to the "paper documents fire safe", in accordance with relevant laws, some documents, the evidence should be preserved for more than 30 years, so many of the domestic computer stations and other special places are also equipped with The disk fire counters. Fire safe anti-theft features No only against fire, fire safes also have anti-theft features. Because of fire safes have very thick because of the fire sandwich, heavy weight, but also installed a password lock, and other anti-theft devices, there is considerable anti-theft function.

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