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Make you safer in a thunderstorm

Lightning is a massive natural electrostatic discharge produced during a thunderstorm. Lightning's abrupt electric discharge is accompanied by the emission of light. The electricity passing through the atmosphere rapidly heats and expands the air, producing lightning's characteristic thunder sound. Aside from being a very real and dangerous threat t... [2008-08-06]

One lightning rod, one safety

A lightning bolt struck 91 auto racing fans at a racetrack in Norway AUG.2, and 45 people were taken to hospital with minor burns, police said. Lucky, no one was seriously injured. SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) AUG.2 - Brazilian airport officials say lightning struck a passenger plane as it readied for takeoff from Brazil's southern city of Curitiba. Infrared ... [2008-08-05]

GSM Alarm System¡ªNo longer worried about security

Nowadays, all of us are concerned about safety. Why nowadays, most of us who live with our families have always been concerned about safety. It is not enough that we live in brick and concrete houses with padlocks and bolts; we also need to ensure that the house and our possessions are safe when we leave them to go out. This is where excellent a... [2008-08-05]

Invisible Killer¡ªUV Rays

Are you being attacked by damaging Ultraviolet Rays? The answer is probably YES. Request your free UV test card today to see if your windows are letting in harmful UV rays that can affect you, your family, and your property. Request your UV Test Card today! What is UV? UV what is there to fear? Okay, then first, say what is ultraviolet. UV is the acro... [2008-08-04]

Guardian of your security ¨C lock

Lock is a mechanical device for securing a door or receptacle and an essential appliance in our daily live, any civilized society needs security, because people have always been concerned about the protection of their property. There are many kinds of locks, such as padlock, door lock, cylinder lock, brass lock, combination lock, square lock, thick type l... [2008-08-01]

Go out with a "personal bodyguard", you can

Private bodyguards? Yes. Go out with a private bodyguard, say no to the ferocious dogs and the hooligans had encountered on the road. And will not be afraid of walking in a deserted and dark corner from then on.  Of course, said with private bodyguards are not let you go to the security company and hire a strong man go with you everywhere and when. ... [2008-07-31]

Are your car ready for terrorist attacks?

Did you know that 80% - 90% of all terrorist attacks occur while the victim and/or family members are traveling by automobile? Those most at risk are high profile targets such as:celebrities, heads of State, religious leaders , industrialists ,corporate executives .If you are on this list, your life could be in danger.    People are most vulne... [2008-07-30]

Your computer or your eyes?

Yes, let us be a small test before the start. Do you often lengthy Internet? Do you need to use computers in the work £¿ Do you often playing electronic games? If you choose one of them for Yes, it is also very sincere regret to tell you: Maybe you should wear a computer goggles when use your computer. As we all know, in our side there are many people... [2008-07-30]

Security is Also a Kind of Fashion

Like wearing a fashionable tact£¿Afraid of everyone ? OK, now, fashion or security? That’s a question. Miguel Caballero from Colombia is the world's only maker of bulletproof designer clothes and open a store in Harrod’s of London recentlyhelp solve the problem. The production of bullet-proof fashion career started 15 years ago during th... [2008-07-30]

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