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Something you should know about a smoke alarm

What is a smoke detector? A smoke detector is a firefighting device that detects smoke and issues an alarm to alert nearby people that there is a potential fire. A household smoke detector will typically be mounted in a disk-shaped plastic enclosure about 150 mm in diameter and 25 mm thick, but the shape can vary by manufacturer. Smoke detectors are usua... [2008-08-27]

Anti-theft, are you ready? --Introduce some electronic locks

Remote control electronic lock The main remote control electronic locks on the market are optical remote control and radio-controlled remote control two types. Optical remote control is divided into visible light remote control and infrared remote control; optical remote control uses the optical of narrow-angle to transmit password, the advantage is the... [2008-08-26]

Some tips for swimming in the sea

What you do in hot summer would make you happiest? Of course, it is playing to the seaside or in the swimming pool, just swimming like a fish. Oh, you do not swim! That is too unfortunately! However, it’s okay, swim rings, even if you do not swim in the beach or not so good, bring a swim ring, you can also enjoy yourself in the seaside. A swim rin... [2008-08-25]

How Much Do You Know About Anti-Riot Equipments

We would see the police man crack down on rioters in a riot sometimes on TV or newspapers. It’s dangerous, so, they have some equipment, anti-equipment.  Anti-Riot Equipments include tear gas, Electroshock weapon, bullet proof shields, gauntlets, arm protector, shoulder and body protector, thigh protector, leg protector and so on. Then it can ... [2008-08-22]

Know fire, prevent fire

Fires can cause major disasters and loss of lives in buildings such as offices, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and homes. Such disasters can be avoided if proper fire safety practices are observed. The best prevention is to eliminate fire hazards. Therefore, as a responsible citizen, you need to know what fire hazards are and what you s... [2008-08-21]

Protect your vehicle and valuables

Why buy a car security system? It’s unsafe? Are you worried about your car has been stolen? Protecting yourself and your family, as well as your vehicle and your car stereo are all excellent reasons to invest in a car security system. Additionally, most insurance companies offer lowered rates for vehicles equipped with an alarm — it'll pa... [2008-08-20]

Be safe, be buckled

Safety belt statistics • One out of every five drivers will be involved in a traffic crash this year.  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among people age 44 and younger and the number one cause of head and spinal cord injury.  • Approximately 35,000 people die in motor vehicle crashes each year. About 50 perc... [2008-08-20]

Counterfeit Money Isn't Awesome

On the 15th Aug, 2008, European Central Bank in its headquarters in Frankfurt published some statistics by the first half of the year in the Euro zone and outside seized up counterfeit money 293,000 pieces. Today the finest counterfeit banknotes are claimed to be U.S. dollar bills produced in North Korea, which are used to finance the North Korean gover... [2008-08-19]

Test for alcohol, save your life

A new law of drunk drivers Illinois will soon be using a new law to keep habitual drunk drivers off the road. Under the new law, people charged for the first time with a DUI (driving under the influence ticket) must install a breathalyzer device.  It requires a legal blood alcohol reading before their car can start. If the breathalyzer senses alco... [2008-08-19]

Shut down the dopey chatter box

We've all wanted to strangle them before. There's nothing worse than some jerk blabbing away on their cell phone while you're trying to enjoy a movie, meal at a restaurant, or a nice quiet nap on the bus/train ride to work. Actually, only hearing only one side of a stupid conversation makes us pay more attention than normal. Our brain expects in... [2008-08-18]

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